We are proud to inform the prospective students/ parents that our school provide widest array of co-curricular activities among all schools of Karnal district. It is only through this exposure that a child becomes aware of its special interests and talents. This in turn allows a child to receive appreciation and acclaim and to grow in confidence. This confidence then gets reflected in other areas leading to all around growth and progress.

The nature and range of these activities are not static and continue to evolve as per the interests and talents of the student and the faculty. Co-curricular activities offered include Karate, skating, yoga, music, dramatics, drawing, debates, quizzing, painting, clay modelling and pottery, sculpture, Indian dance, Indian & western music, hobbies, publication, special interest clubs and societies, and also community services. Every child attends an activity period at least once daily.

Their achievements are showcased during this week long founder’s day Celebrations held annually. There are clubs and societies for English & Hindi debating, dramatics, creative writing & poetry recitation, for gardening, software programming, etiquette, quiz, chess, mathematics, electronics, nature, scholastics and so on.

International & National Trips:

The school conducts International Academic trips to NASA, USA under Summer Space Experience Programme which inspire students and gives them a real and close experience of space and aeronautics.

National trips include Trade Fair (New Delhi), National Parks, Museums, Mussoorie, Manali etc for fun and leaning at an additional cost.

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