Message From The Principal

Dear Parent

Greetings of the day!

One of the prime goals of quality education is to build knowledge, life skills perspective, attitudes and values of a student to transform the society into more productive and sustainable one. Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in men and women, thus education implies optimization of hidden potential of every child in physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual planes. The CBSE initiatives for the first time in the country has put an effort to translate the lofty goal of all round development into practice. If an institution does not innovate, it inevitably ages and declines.
The swirl of changes demand changes in Education. The rise of internet has broadened the horizon of information. Learning and sharing by interacting has become an essential part of building knowledge. With the advent of CCE-Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation, the stress is on creating understanding.

Today’s education system faces irrelevance unless we bridge the gap between how students live and how they learn for 21st century. In this knowledge world, there is a need to explore the various ways of clubbing and implementing information technology in Education. The highest education is that makes our life in harmony with all existence and improves the quality of People, Society and Nation and further meet the challenges of fast developments in the World.

Happy Learning!

Best Regards,


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